Clixsense – Why to avoid it

In this post we’re going to discuss about Clixsense.

We are in the year 2018 now, and yet, PTC sites are still online, and yet people are falling into the trap of earning money online with it.

I’ve already made a post about Paidverts and Neobux, and why to avoid them.

The same is with this platform, even it is not really about watching ads all the day anymore, yet it isn’t good anymore as well.

The reason of that is quite simple.



What about the people who claims to earn good money online?



Like I’ve mentioned before in earlier posts, they do it for a reason, the referral system.

If you click their links, you become their referral, and earn money for them, with the hard work you perform, and they don’t need to to anything for it, and you spend all your time for pennies.

The reason they stopped with ads is probably because many people already commented and spread around this stuff is bad and you won’t earn anything, the only ones that are earning because of your effort are the site and the people who are promoting their stuff on there.

So that is also why I said other PTC sites are bad.

But they offer other stuff now.



What do they offer now?



First of all, they offer Money surveys.

I’ve already explained in an earlier post which you can find here that it really does’nt may to well, it is like $1 to $5 for each survey, which takes you like 30 minutes, and maybe, ùmaybe you can get 2 a day, but in the most occasions, you get surveys which pay you $0.005 or even less.

You can choose from Toluna Influencers to Opinionworld to take surveys, some offer you only a survey a day, sometimes more.

But as you notice, and as you probably already know by now, this stuff won’t bring you too much money, maybe $10 a month.

As a student this could be nice, since it can be hard to get nice money, and an extra $10 is welcome.

If you’re working, or you’re looking for an opportunity to make money, this is not it.

You also end up giving your privacy details to third parties, and who knows what they do with it, right?

Is that worth $10 a month? Or even less?

I didn’t think so.




What else they’ve got?

They have a whole page called Offers.

What do you need to do?

You can test products, luckily this is free, and yes, you can get nice stuff to test, but also very tricky and bad things, and the fact is that if you want to have a bit of cash, you really need to take that chance.

You can also earn money by watching videos, but mostly that could be ads, and again, you’re giving away your privacy detalls, like the third option they offer, which is:

Signing up for websites.

It looks easy and nice, just signing up for websites, but be careful.

Some sites expect more than this, they expect you buy something or sign up to an offer of them, and you get paid a bit of that, but you end up losing money.

I tried this a few times, I ended up signing up for sites and trying to complete offers, and what did I got? I received services, but paid ones!

So I tried to stop it, but in the little letters it showed I had to be there for a year!

Of course, Clixsense will not say anything about that, because those sites pay them!




They have a third option:

This option is to complete tasks, such as categorizing images or perform searches on Google, or other things.

This option is the best actually, you can earn $0.005 or you can earn up to $7, for every task.

But don’t expect to get $100 a month by this, $10-$15 is realistic, but you need to do a lot of tasks every day, and it is wasting a lot of your time, which you could spend more nicely, a little more below this post I will show you how to make easily $10 a day, without spending too much time, and you can still do other things, and you can make even more money because of that!

But first this, so you can spend all your time doing tasks and doing surveys, and you can have like $20-$25 a month.

Question yourself, do you see yourself doing this? For that little amount of money, looking that all the day, giving away your privacy, maybe signing up for offers which you didn’t know?

I would say no, it is simple as that, if I knew back then what I know now, I would simply turn away, we are 2018, PTC is dead, other people say no, but it has a reason why.

Why? Because they offer something, which is the referral system.



If you watched my previous posts, you saw why people are promoting things like Neobux and Paidverts, and the fact is easy why, if you sign up, they earn money because of you.

You watch ads, they receive up to 20% what you did, so you actually waste your time for them, but you want to do that?

Never thought about the fact why the majority say that it is bad and you can’t earn money by it, but they have that solution to make hundreds a month?

They won’t say how, but it is simple, if you sign up for Clixense, by instance if I would put my referral link here, and you sign up, I get up to 30% of the work you did, without doing anything.

Now imagine you are with 200 people doing that, earning $10 a month x 200= $200, divided by 30 percent, is $60 without doing anything.

In that way it is easy to make money, right?

Now, I won’t put my referral link here, specially for that reason, I want to warn people why not to join it, and not just put my referral link and say hey, this stuff is good, I get money, but you? Not too much.

Don’t fall into this trap, since they are laughing at you for joining it, and of course, I can’t blame some people who are looking for ways to make money online.

But those people are sharks, they know you will sing up, since they say you can earn so much money, and all you do is making them “rich”, at least, a bit better with the earning size.

And we are not talking about hundreds of people, but thousands!

If I can save hundreds of this fate, I’m already happy, I want to help all of you to get the good opportunities to make money, but in the good way, and also to make more than a penny, but to earn good bucks!

But back to Clixsense.




These were the money making methods, well money making, you know..

If you want to get rid of the stress, you can still play the free games they offer, don’t expect too much of it, but I have to say, that I really enjoyed some of their games, even when you can’t make money of it, it was still funny to try it, since it really can release you from the stress.

i can recommend you one game, which is called Duck Shooter.

Yes I know, it is quite bad name, also ironic, that you shoot duckies out of the air, to get rid of stress.

But hey, look at the games of today, you shoot other people and it is also called stress relieve, so why not shooting duckies out of the sky?

If that is too much for you, you can try the Zoo Pinball, I’ve spend hours with this game, and it be funny forever.

You have the choice between 24 games, so you have a good choice to pick from.




I promised you something a bit above here

And it was the thing I would show you how to make money on the good way, to start with $300 a month, which is a good start for a student, or you need to pay of things, and in meanwhile you still have time to make even more money.

How do I know this, because I was in your situation, like i’ve mentioned in my first post.

I’ve been looking for very good money making methods, always ending up to find very bad ones, until I came up  to this one.




This works?

Yes, as you see in the screen below, you see that they paid me out, only for 5 days of work!

Why did I know it worked? Well I didn’t.

But as you could read in my other post, i was quite desperate to find a good platform, which would earn me good money, so in that point I was like: Let me join and see if it works.

It actually works, and what is even more, it is the platform that actually gives me good money for the effort I do!

It is about making a site about the niche you know about, to expand it with posts, and gain traffic, and with that, you can earn money.

This is called Affiliate Marketing, so you will promote things at your site, and with every sale you make because your site, you will get commissions because of that.

So your profit could end up in the thousands of dollars!

Update: Wealthy Affiliate now has another way to make money, which is called SiteComments!




I can earn up to hundreds of dollars because I simply put comments at other peoples comments, which is quite easily, and in return you get money, and also you can ask for comments for your site, which will help your site raising up the rankings, and get even more traffic!

It is a win-win situation, I wouldn’t doubt if I was you, and join it right now!

If you want to know more about it, I wrote a post about it, and also about a tool they have, which is called Jaaxy, you can find my review about it here.

This is a keyword tool, which will help you to outgun your competition, and have the best rankings possible, and get that money you want!

Why you should fight for pennies, if you can earn thousands of dollars? you tell me.



Ending conclusion

Clixsense is another waste of money making money platform, such as Neobux and Paidverts, PTC’s and money survey sites are close to death if you ask me, we are 2018 and more and more people seeing it as a waste of time, because it really is, you look to ads, you fill in surveys, you sign up for sites, by risking giving away your privacy details to companies you don’t know, in my opinion, this is even worse, and for what, for pennies? No way.

Instead, join the platform I recommend and you will get good money, if you have any question about it, ask me and I will guide you through everything you need to know!

Stop wasting your time on those PTC sites for a little money, but join this platform and you will start to earn very good!

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