Familyclix Review – will this platform give you money?

In this post we are going to review Familyclix, what it is, how it works, if you can earn with it, and the most important question: is it real or a scam?

What is Familyclix?

This is a PTC site, yes another one, yippee kay yay!

As you saw in previous posts, this isn’t the best way to earn money.

Is this one different?

Don’t expect it, it doesn’t even come close to earn good, and lately I saw some news about it what it makes me even more suspicious about this platform, I will come back to that later in this post.

How much can i earn?

This is a direct question, and let me state it like this:

You won’t earn too much on this platform, simply because you do the work for the site/owner, he gets paid by advertisers, and gives like 1 percent to you.

Also, I don’t like this owner, since he had scam sites/platforms before.

Yes indeed, here we come to that section what makes me suspicious about it.

The owner is called Edin Ikanovic, also the big guy in the Goldengroup network, which has sites as Adzopt, Bearbux, Clixdo,, and they are known to be scammy as hell.

And after knowing this, of course I got even more suspicious about this.

If you don’t know what happened to the other sites, stay tuned..

They simply closed the other scammy sites, and if you spend a lot of time there and was still waiting for money, you are still waiting.

The reason is this: They simply didn’t pay that out, they closed the doors and that was that. You couldn’t reach anybody, and a complaint? For 2$?

Yes, don’t expect too much money from this, PTC sites, in overall, won’t earn you a lot of money, and I think you know that by now.

If not, my advice is to stay away from it, I have better alternatives for that.

This platform still pays its members, but the question is: how long they will continue to do it? If they want to shut it down like the previous platforms, there goes your hard work, effort, and actually, time waste.

You want to do that? Answer that question to yourself and I think you know the answer.

Anyway, let’s move on.

What do they offer?

You can choose: PTC sites offer many things, from surveys, to watching ads, playing games, referral systems, so you have a wide range, but, you earn totally nothing with it.

Seriously, totally nothing.

I knew somebody who wanted to promote it, and wanted to have referrals because of it, and he showed his earnings, and my face was like: Are you kidding me?

He earned 8 bucks in 4 months, 2 bucks a month.

What a waste, really.

You spend more money by sitting at your computer than you earn them, how bad is that, plus, you waste time which you could use finding good platforms.

You can earn money online, but not from these kinds of sites.

I have a very good option for you, and I can help you with that, you simply have to click here and you can join for free, and you can already earn money from it!

If you need help with it, just ask me and I’ll be more than happy to help you, don’t be afraid for that.

It doesn’t matter which PTC site you choose, Clixsense. Familyclix, Neobux, they’re all the same.

Instead, use this platform, I made a review about it, and you will be very pleased!

My ending conclusion

We came to the ending of this post called Familyclix Review, where I showed you what it is, the options you have on the platform and what you can earn with it.

As you saw, this is not the best option if you want to make money, PTC sites are in overall a very bad, but really, very bad way to earn an income online, they give you pennies, where other platforms easily give you lots more than this.

In the course of years I joined and tried this sites, I never reached the 150 bucks cap for all the PTC sites together.

Also, what is more worrying me about this platform, and it is more than other PTC sites, which are genuine, they don’t pay good but they are trustworthy, is that the owner of this site is linked with several other scammy sites, and before you know, they can shut down this site and you are stuck with that pennies you’ve earned, all the hard work you have done by watching ads, filling surveys and more.

They pay they’re members for now, but my question is: For how long they will do that?

If they decide to shut it down, you are totally screwed, and then you will probably curse about the fact you have wasted so much time, and finally you made some money, and they closed it.

That means they earned money, and you did the job.

Does that look scammy to you? I thought so, you didn’t invest money, true, but you invested a lot of time in it, and they got rich because of that, as I told you before in this and earlier posts about these kinds of sites.

It is better to stay away from this one, and honestly, from all PTC sites, since they don’t make money.

Instead, I have a better alternative, which I already told you: Affiliate Marketing.

This is about promoting something, and whenever it gets sold, you get commissions, I earn very good with it, you can check it here.

For now that is the only thing that is genuine and good enough to make decent money, of course I add more and more reviews and platforms on this site, so you have to stay tuned, because some of them will really make you think like: really?

I will tell you something, if it is too good to be true, it is.

In my later posts I will delve deeper into that topic, is it true that you can earn 1000 bucks overnight?

Already this would put red flags for me, but I already saw for many people it doesn’t, because the majority are blinded by money and it the end they end up losing money.

But again, that is for later.

Now about our ending conclusion of this post:

Familyclix isn’t a scam, yet, it can come, because the owner is known to be a member of a group associated with earlier scam platforms, and thus I wouldn’t recommend it to try it, because you could end up losing all the money you earned in a matter of minutes.

And the second why not is because this site won’t offer you a lot of money, somebody who promoted it and say it was good only could show 7 bucks earned in 3 months when I asked him how much he got.

And in the end it turned out he only wanted referrals, even by lying a lot about it.

My recommendation about this is: Stay away from it, you have many better platforms, and if you really want to be safe and earn good money, go into the Affiliate Marketing world.

If you have any question or a comment about it, please feel free to add it in the section below.

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