How to start with affiliate marketing – find out here!

In this post I’m going to help you with giving some hints how to start with affiliate marketing, since many people fail to understand how to do it, or even how to begin.

To start, let me say what it is.

Affiliate marketing isn’t so hard to understand, it is basically promoting a product for a brand or company, by blogging it, or putting pictures at Instagram/Twitter, or any other social media platform.

In return, they will give you commissions, and this can vary between 5 to even 75% percent of the product they sold because of you.

It sounds good, right?

It indeed does, but, and there is always a but included, this can take some time!

Let me say, I started doing this last year, and right now I’m getting good traffic and income, but only after 5 months and hard work.

It won’t come by it selves, you really need to invest time in it.

Many people think you can get rich with it..

This is so commonly heard everywhere, seriously.

Some platforms claim they can get you rich in a matter of hours, by showing you how to earn thousands of dollars every week, or even a day.

Do you believe that? It would put red flags for me, really.

But okay, I promised you to give some tips and hints, but also this is regarded as a tip, don’t fall into the easy money scam trap, because you will end up losing money, because they can hijack your credit card, or just ask you to invest money in something you will never see again.

How to really start properly.

You first have to find your niche, this means that you have to find something you really like, or you can talk about easily.

For me this is business stuff, football, dogs, fitness and bodybuilding stuff. A lot of things as you see, which means I can promote all of these, and never run out of ideas, since I know a lot about them.

Of course, about some things I need to look up on the internet, but that is normal, we aren’t Einsteins.

But do you see my point?

Don’t try to talk about something you absolutely have no idea about what it is.

For me by instance, I now have this site, and I research things a bit, I sometimes even try them, to make it as genuine and honestly as possible.

Personally, this works the best for me, I have much more success than I would lie about things or suck it out of my thumb.

So, this is the second hint I give you.

What else what matters is content.

You will hear it a lot, but this is the truth, content is everything, really.

Without it, you are doomed, for real, your site will not rank, and you will not have visitors, no money incoming.

With content I mean that your post has to be at least between 1500-1900 words long, so Google can detect it, and look at it as a real post, as you know, comments can be like 400 words long, and thus, not ranked.

If you write this short, you will never reach the potential you can get.

One thing about it however, don’t write text like you don’t know what to say, which i mean, a puffed up text, because Google will dislike it and your site will maybe get a penalty, and that is the last thing you want.

Be thorough, and explain in depth what you want to say to the people, and you will see, this is the best method for ranking your site.

But again, don’t forget, +1500 words for the beginning!

And this is maybe even more important:

Finding the good platform!

You have so many platforms out there, which can make it very hard to choose from.

The problem consists that there are many scams, and they want you pay something and promises you lots of money, which can’t be true.

To be honest, it can take months before you can make your first sale, so overnight rich schemes aren’t real.

I have a platform which I’m using for a long while now and I’m confident it is the right one, is it the only good one? No, but for me it is the best one.

The platform that I’m talking about:

Is called Wealthy Affiliate, and it is the best one that you can imagine.

They don’t promise that you can get rich soon, but they help you with training, and to become a good affiliate.

They also added something else, which is called SiteComments, and you can earn money when doing comments, and this in combination with building your site, is the best.

I don’t know any other platform where you can earn money while putting comments.

If you are curious about it, I wrote a review about it here.

And to look at the site, click here.

What you also can look at is:

The commission rates, which I’ve mentioned in the beginning, the percentages, but what is also important is the cookie duration.

Amazon per example, has 24 hour cookie duration, which I really don’t like, other programs have a life long cookie duration, but the majority are between 10 and 90.

I have a lot of affiliate programs which have 90 days cookie duration, and this is the optimal number.

90 days later you still can have a sale, when people visited your site and purchased through your link, so that is where you can get very good money from.

Ending conclusion

We came to the ending conclusion of this post about how to start with affiliate marketing, I showed you some tips and hints, also where to be careful about, and certainly not to step into false claims to get rich overnight, since this really doesn’t work, that is why it is a big scam.

Further, choosing the right niche is a big must, you have a list of niches that are always good, such as fitness, health, even dogs is a good one.

But the top list is health, fitness, supplements, and the sex industry. You always will have success with it, since those amounts will rise even more year after year.

Don’t forget also, and I almost forgot to mention it, to install Google Analytics to your site, so you know how good it is performing, how much traffic you got, and how your bounce rate is, bounce rate means how long people stay at your site.

Almost, install a site map, so you know if there’s any fault in it or not, a fault can get penalized by Google, so be careful about it.

I know it from experience, I had a 404 fault, which is a page not being found, and guess what, Google gave me a penalty by bringing my rank down with 90 places!

Just to let you show what it can do, so always take this in account, whenever Google sees faults, be fast to fix them, so you keep the rankings.

And for the rest I can only say, patience, you need to have a lot of patience, don’t expect results come in one day or in weeks, this can take a few months, as you saw it in my case, and yes, I was kind of depressed in the beginning because of it and started to be scared, and wondering if it would really work.

But after my rankings went up, so did my sales. The point is, you need to get your post ranked high enough to get visitors.

You have enough great tools to achieve that, so use them all, but don’t forget, again, create content, and no grammar faults, Google doesn’t like it, they will place your post somewhere in the middle, which means, no visitors as well.

Anyway, this concludes my post, and I hope I can help you with what I said, if there’s any question or something, feel free to ask it in the comment section below.

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