Jaaxy – The full review – is this keyword tool a scam or not

As I promised in my earlier post, this one is about the Jaaxy keyword tool, to show you what it is, if it helps you, or if it is a scammy product. The meaning with this post is to show you if you can trust it or not, and also to guide you in every step ( if legit), so you won’t have any questions anymore.


What is this tool exactly?


Like I’ve already mentioned, this is a keyword tool, which will help your posts and in the end your site to have the best keywords, and thus traffic ( in the beginning I would choose low traffic keywords, since you wouldn’t stand a chance against the bigger players), we will explain in the next chapter(s) why this will help you so much.


A keyword tool?


Yes, a keyword tool, you can type in the keywords you want ( see the example below), that will be your title which will show up on google and where your post will be searched for, like example, you want to promote the football shoes of Adidas, the Adidas F50, well you put Adidas F50 in the keyword line, you search it, and Jaaxy will tell you a couple things:


– How much traffic this specific keyword receives

– How many times a month this exact keyword has been searched for

– How many competitions you will have

– And then you will see a box named QSR, this will determine how good/bad your keyword is for your niche, it goes from 1 to 100, which 100 is the best ( you get ranked in no time with it and you have the best chance to get on the number 1 page of Google)


Remember I told you not to pick hard competition words in the beginning, your site needs to grow, and if you pick up such a high competitive words, your site never gets good. So pick words which has a QSR of at least 86 ( I put an example below of the F50).

Now we’re going to look further into the Jaaxy tool, what else they’ve got.


For people who have a site, never wondered on which place your keywords are?


We have a solution, this tool provides you with an option called Site Rank!

This will help you find the exact position in Google, Bing and Yahoo for your keyword.

The kind of membership you have determines if you can look only on page 1, or more.

We will show you that later.


They also have a toolbar next to it, to show some kind of other suggestions with your keyword, but be advised, some of those don’t make any sense, and if you put one of those as keyword, well, you can already guess, Google and other search engines won’t like it and you will not be ranked. So be careful for that.


Now, as you can see, I’ve already written some things about it, and probably your question will be, but is this all true?

My answer is clear and honest, I’m using Jaaxy for a while now, and I wouldn’t want another one anymore, for me it is one of the best and maybe even the best one out there. Also, this platform gives commissions if you can bring other people to them ( it is like 50 percent commission), so no, if it was a spam or scam, I would already have mentioned it and with a big no. But, yes, this tool will help your site to become big and to let you earn money faster and easier!


About the commission and more, I’ll bring that in one of the next chapters of this post/review.


They also help you with something else


Sometimes it can be hard to find good affiliate sites or programs, well, at this platform you can find some of the most common ones, and also one of the best ones ( rates, commission percents, good brand names), you’ll certainly have to check it out, since like I’ve already said that it isn’t easy to find good ones.


But keep in mind that for an affiliate program you never have to pay! If they ask you for money ( LeadDyno for example), stay away from it, the chance is very high it is a scam!


The purpose is that you earn money and not lose.

In the picture below you see which ones they promote ( of affiliate programs).

We already showed you what this is, what is the benefit for you, and that it is NOT A SCAM!

I won’t say you have to do this, but if you want to start as an affiliate, I recommend this platform: Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m there aswell, and I can guarantee you this is a fantastic platform to build up your business. What’s more, Jaaxy Lite is included in it! You can read my post about it here.


We will show you the differences between the memberships and the prices.

In next posts I’m also going to show you which kind of affiliate programs you have, so stay tuned!.


If you’re still doubting..


About a yes or not, let me tell you, when you have a site, if you’re just starting it or not, there will be a day, probably already from the start, which you will wonder if you picked the right keyword. Without having tools to check that out it is impossible to know and you will be in a desert, if you’re a genius maybe you could get some good keywords which attracts traffic, but the chance is unique. Personally, and lots of other people will say I’m right about it, I couldn’t miss it, I perfectly know which one to choose because Jaaxy. Without it, you’re blind and you could see all that money you could have earned if you chose it flying away to other people. So prevent that, and make the right decision.


Is this platform the best one? For me yes, I will write other posts about other keyword tools, but this one goes more in-depth than other ones ( usually free ones, and some are paid but also not so in-depth, you can only see if it is popular or not), and because of that your site will generate more traffic and in the end, money, that’s what you want, not?

So I wouldn’t doubt, the price isn’t so expensive for what you get in return.


About the prices


You have the Starter Trial, which is free, this includes:


– 30 Keyword Searches- 20 Search Results- Website Analyzer- Affiliate Program Finder- Keyword List Manager- Brainstorm Idea Feed- Keyword Competition Data- 1x Speed- Affiliate Program- 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans


Then you have the Pro subscription, which includes:


Everything From STARTER– Sortable Search Results- Unlimited Search History- Search Analysis- Manual QSR Search- Manual Domain Search- Alphabet Soup (15/letter)- 2x Multi-Threaded Search

– 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans

This costs $499 a year, but now they have a promotion, and now it is only for $199 a year, but you can also pay per month.

The last package they have is the Enterprise one, for the bigger brands already, this includes:

Everything From PRO

-35 Search Results

-5x Speed

-Automated QSR

– Automated Domain Search
-Alphabet Soup (50/letter)

-5x Multi-Threaded Search

-Unlimited Keyword Lists

-10K SiteRank Analysis Scans

The price for the Enterprise package is $99 a month, but also here they have a promotion, you only pay $49 per month ( they only offer a monthly package for this).

As I’ve mentioned before, they have an affiliate program, this is what you can get:

Per person that goes to Pro: $20 monthly/ $200 yearly


For the Enterprise: $40 monthly/$400 yearly


Prices can add up fast as you see, the average conversion rate is 12 percent, so you can earn decent money by this.

So, the things we summed up are pretty much what good options Jaaxy has to offer.

There are still some minor things about it which you can look up, but the most important ones have been summed up.


Ending conclusion



This tool is perfectly for what you need to outgun your niches competition, by finding the good keywords to boost your post to a new level, to gain more traffic and more money in the end. Also, you can find some good affiliate programs combined with it, and see your site ranking( the ranking of your posts, in the Search Engines, it depends on which kind of membership you’re at, to see more or fewer pages to look for that ranking), also the fact you can earn money by commission rates by letting people join it, is a very good add-on!


This keyword tool has been found as the best and is certainly not a money scam or spam or whatsoever, we RECOMMEND using this if you take your site/business seriously!

If you have any question, or a comment or want to share your experiences, feel free to put it in the comment box below.

116 thoughts on “Jaaxy – The full review – is this keyword tool a scam or not

  1. Celeste Reply

    I can vouch that Jaaxy is certainly not a scam.  I’ve been using this too. for over two years now and it’s my most trusted blogging tool.  It’s worth every cent I pay and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in creating content that ranks organically.  Great review

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Celeste.

      Indeed, it is exactly what you state, Jaaxy is in my opinion the best keyword tool available, and like it helps for you, it does the same for me.

  2. sanjay Reply

    Thanks for your thorough review of Jaaxy. I totally agree with you as Jaaxy is an amazing keyword tool for finding the long tail keywords and must have keyword tool for SEO. Thanks for explaining how to use it too. What I like about this tool is it is free to use and check its benefits.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Sanjay,

      Exactly, Jaaxy is a perfect tool for finding keywords, since some are very competitive and very hard to rank, with this tool you can find similar keywords which are better. The fact that it is free makes it even better.

  3. Lynne Huysamen Reply

    If you have a website you simply must know about keywords, how to find them and how to implement them on your website. Keyword research is something I do for every single post that I publish on my website. 

    Knowing how much traffic a search term gets and how much competition there is will make a massive impact on how much traffic your website gets. I’ve been using Jaaxy since 2015 and swear by it. I love how simple and easy it is to use, plus I don’t pay a thing for it since it comes free with my Wealthy Affiliate membership!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Lynne,

      It is nice to hear this from a fellow member!

      Exactly, Jaaxy is the best you can get in these kinds of things, whenever you need a long, competitive, or even a short keyword, it will do the trick for you, and finding the best one you need to get traffic.

      Since it comes with a WA membership, I’m also very happy it is included and you don’t have to pay anything!

  4. Rihards Reply

    This post seems to be pretty useful for anyone that wants to make a site.

    Though it seems such a keyword checking software would work mostly on sites with very clear products, because sometimes have such a broad spectrum of things they offer it might become difficult handling all the keywords. 

    All in all, a pretty great post for anyone who wants to read about how to make their site more successful.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Rihards,

      This keyword tool is the best you can find in my opinion.

      Not only for big sites this comes in handy, also for little ones, to find the best traffic with low competition, for smaller ones it is even more important.

  5. Cheryl Reply

    Hi Emmanuel, this is a good post with lots of good information about Jaaxy. You have given a good insight into a great keyword research tool and have covered the main points very well and have elaborated on the prices as well as what is involved within each price bracket. 

    Thank you for this and I would certainly try Jaaxy out after reading this post.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hello Cheryl,

      Thanks for the positive feedback, yes Jaaxy is a keyword tool you really have to try!

  6. Fran Kelso Reply

    Thanks for the information. You did a thorough job of telling us about Jaxxy. I certainly learned a few things I didn’t know. I especially liked the information about the ranking feature. Jaxxy is a valuable resource, and I am so glad you wrote this post.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Fran,
      Thanks for the positive feedback, yes Jaaxy is a wonderful tool for tracking and ranking.
      I’m confident whenever you want to start with it, you never want to get rid of it anymore.

  7. Stunning Bell Reply

    Thanks for this Jaaxy review. I use the Lite version, meaning I don’t pay anything for using this great tool. Yet I’ve been able to find great keywords, long tail keywords, have unlimited searches of keywords on a daily basis, my free site scans that I’ve not been using, … there are so many goodies included with this tool.

    By the way, I was going through the plans and didn’t see anything mentioned about Jaaxy Lite? Could this be a mistake, on my part?

    Thank you once again for your detailed review. I definitely recommend it for anyone willing to embark on internet marketing or any online business venture.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Bell,
      I will take a look about the LITE version, it is possible I missed it.

  8. Emma Reply

    Hey Emmanuel Thanks so much for the information on Jaaxy I have heard a few people saying that there are better keyword tools but to be honest I love Jaaxy and it helps me so much with coming up with keywords for my content. Its good to have someone elses positive opinion on something you are doing or using. So thanks very much. 


    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      HI Emma,

      Yes, Jaaxy is the best one in my opinion since you have so many great options available, plus having the referral system which let you earn money is even better.

      This is the perfect tool to find out which kind of keyword you need to get the full potential out of your site.

  9. Fran Reply

    Your article is quite informative.  I appreciated the information about Jaaxy, especially your explanation of the ranking feature.  It’s a great tool. I, too, have found that Jaaxy is a valuable tool.  It might take a while to figure out a good keyword, but with Jaaxy, you can eventually find it.  Your topic is a great one, especially for new people in the business trying to figure things out.  Keep up the good work!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Fran,

      Jaaxy is indeed the best you can have.

      Sometimes it can take a while for finding a good one, but when you have it, you see you can’t miss it.


    Thanks for this Jaaxy review. I use the Lite version, meaning I don’t pay anything for using this great tool. Yet I’ve been able to find great keywords, long tail keywords, have unlimited searches of keywords on a daily basis, my free site scans that I’ve not been using, … there are so many goodies included with this tool.

    By the way, I was going through the plans and didn’t see anything mentioned about Jaaxy Lite? Could this be a mistake, on my part?

    Thank you once again for your detailed review. I definitely recommend it for anyone willing to embark on internet marketing or any online business venture.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Nsoh,

      Jaaxy is in my opinion the best keyword took available.

      I will check about the Lite Version, if I missed it, I will add it!

  11. Thomas Harvey Reply

    From what you have posted I can see that Jaxxy is an almost indispensable tool in getting ranked on search engines.  I would be interested in your opinion on how it ranks with the Google tool that helps in determining keywords.  You said that Jaaxy comes with Wealthy Affiliate, is that version good enough to begin setting up your site for keywords?  If it is, it might be a good deal to get a membership in Wealthy Affiliate.I hope that you will do a follow up article on the advanced versions of Jaaxy so that when we get more proficient we can look to adding them to our arsenal.Thanks for the review and the information.  I shall definitely study it further.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Thomas,

      The fact is that Jaaxy really helps with the ranking, since it shows you how competitive the keyword is and how easy it is to rank. With the WA combined you have access to the Lite version, which helps you a lot. I always update my posts whenever there is something new, so certainly I will do an article about the advanced versions.

  12. Kent Reply

    I have Jaxxy’s lite version and I’ve been using it for about a year now for my blog, it’s definitely something that every serious blogger or online marketer needs to succeed.

    Although it works pretty well for the most part, I do sometimes wonder how up to date are the stats that they provide? For example if you choose a keyword with 100 searches, is that within the last month? But either way I cannot possibly build my business without it, it’ll be like walking around in the woods without a compass!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Kent,

      Indeed, Jaaxy is a must needed tool when it comes to professional blogging or marketing.

      Now, they update their database often, sometimes multiple times a month, so you are always fine.

  13. Shane Reply

    Hi Emmanuel, i love your site, very good information regarding an extremely useful and money making tool. I personally have the lite version and i love it, keywords that assure results, and site rank so i can keep track of posts that are ranking. This is an excellent tool and a real necessary tool for building an onsite affiliate business.

    Thanks Shane

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Shane,

      Thanks for the positive feedback, indeed this keyword tool is the best oucna have when it comes for raising your site to the top.

  14. Sukumar Thingom Reply

    I have always been wary of investing on a keyword tool. Firstly, it is the cost (prohibitive for a beginner like myself). Secondly, there are the doubts about the ‘accuracy’ of the statistics thrown up. I have heard a lot about Jaaxy though I never tried to dig deeper to find out more on it. But I have read somewhere that keyword tools are overrated and they are not as effective is the claims suggest. So, you see, I’m in two minds right now. Does Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership include the Jaaxy tool?

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hello Sukumar,

      Jaaxy isn’t the first keyword tool I’ve been using, and I was disappointed by the majority of them.

      However, Jaaxy seems to be very effective and accurate for the price it offers.

      The Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership comes with the Jaaxy tool included.

  15. Parmi Reply

    Jaaxy is so so good! As an affiliate marketer, I came across Jaaxy a few months ago. I absolutely love it because of how easy it is to use and also how helpful it is. You need the right kind of keywords to do well in affiliate marketing and this does that. One of the things I’ve noticed recently is that it is a bit slow to generate QSR at times. Not sure if this is just me or if you face that also. But agree with pretty much all that you’ve said here – including the great part of earning commissions for referring it to people!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Parmi,

      exactly, Jaaxy is the perfect tool for finding the right keywords and to know how hard the competition is.

      It is possible the QSR goes a bit slower, but many people are using this, so that causes the problem.

  16. Teresa Reply

    Great review!

    I personally use Jaxxy and it is definitely NOT a scam! It’s a fantastic little tool and it’s the first that I will jump to if I need to search any keywords for my articles. I wasn’t aware that it could help you find the exact position of your keywords in the search engines, so really happy to learn that from reading your review.

    You’ve also reminded me to use the affiliate program to find affiliate sites and programs so I will definitely use it. Thanks for a great review.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Teresa,

      Indeed, also for me Jaaxy is the best keyword tool you can find.

      I always have the best results with it, and without it you’re blind.

  17. tim Reply

    I honestly don’t think I could write targeted SEO content without Jaaxy.  You nailed the high points of how this keyword search tool works to create compelling content. I particularly like the ability to research your competitors successful websites and keywords associated with backlinks.  I would hate to think of trying to be successful online without this tool.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Tim,

      Exactly, working without Jaaxy is being blind in the marketing world.

      You need to have this to build your business.

  18. jessie palaypay Reply

    Hi Emmanuel, 

    I have been shopping around for different keyword tools from SEMRush, LongTailPro, and have only read about Jaaxy from another review. It sounds like this is pretty good based on other reviews.

    I was wondering if you have experience with the other two mentioned? I need help in making a decision. If not, I definitely appreciate you sharing your experience on Jaaxy with me.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Jessie,

      I used SemRush and it is a very good keyword tool too, but it is not as advanced as Jaaxy is.

  19. cass Reply

    Hi Emmanuel, I have been using jaxxy and i think it is a fabulous tool. I have only been with WA for 4 weeks and already have seven pieces of content indexed in google. I truly believe it is because I have used it for searching out great keywords. I was not aware that I could use it to find affiliate programmes though so I will be going to check that out as soon as possible. Thanks for the helpful information.

  20. Jurgen Reply

    The thing I like about Jaaxy is that it is very simple. Most other keyword tools overcomplicate things (Long Tail Pro anyone??) which make them unsuitable for beginners and even experienced users would like it simple sometimes…

    The included Site Rank feature is something not all keyword tools have, so it’s a great bonus to have.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Jurgen, 

      Exactly, Jaaxy has a lot to offer what other keyword tools don’t have.

      It is in my opinion the best one you can have.

  21. Jason Reply

    Keywords can get super confusing! I heard that having long tail keywords is the best way to go and specific (non-common) keywords are better. Some people have even said that it doesn’t matter about the keywords, it’s all about the backlinks… It’s kind of intimidating with all this info… Do you have any suggestions that could help me out? Maybe something to focus on?

    Thanks for posting! 


    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Jason, 

      Jaaxy is the best to cover all this, indeed, keywords can be very confusing, backlinks were important, but the new Core update also that doesn’t matter anymore.

      Just keep on posting and the results will come!

  22. Mark Reply

    I have found that the jaaxy tool that comes with the wealthy affiliate premium membership is perfectly adequate for my purposes. The key thing is going for low competition keywords, so that you can slowly but surely increase your google rankings. I think a tool such as this is vital for anyone serious about generating lots of organic traffic. 

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Mark,

      Indeed, that is the key, and with Jaaxy you have the perfect tool for it.

  23. Paola Reply

    Thank you very much for a review like this. I met Jaaxy thanks to wealthy affiliate before I knew nothing about creating a web page, much less the importance of keywords. Jaaxy is an excellent tool and I use it every day to find the right keywords for each post. I totally recommend it 🙂 I have not yet explored all its functions but I will do it to get the most out of it.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Paola,

      Jaaxy is indeed the best you can have for finding good keywords and grow your site.

      I would highly recommend using this one if you’re serious about your business!

  24. Christina Reply

    Thank you for this review of Jaaxy. I’ve been using Jaaxy for quite some time now and I think it’s the absolute best keyword tool out there. I used to use Google’s keyword tool, but it’s kind of confusing and not the easiest to use. 

    My favorite things about Jaaxy are: 

    1. It’s easy to understand what you’re looking at.2. There are so many ways to find keywords that I never run out of ideas! 

    I also love that it’s a part of the Wealthy Affiliate membership. If someone becomes a member, it’s just right there for you ready to go!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Christina,

      Indded, Jaaxy is a wonderful tool for finding that keyword of your choice, and to help you in any way possible.

      After 2 days I understood how it works, so I think if I can do it, everybody can, just put a bit of time to research it.

  25. Shy Reply

    Jaaxy is a really awesome keyword research tool.  I have been using it recently.  It is great at finding keywords, saving your lists so you can return to them.

    It can also search your site and see if you are ranked in google.  Along with search analysis there is brainstorm and a list of affiliate programs.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Shy,

      I couldn’t have said it better than you, Jaaxy is the best one out there.


    This is a resolute feel article which bring one closer to keyword checking

    Though it seems such a keyword checking software would function mostly vis–vis sites gone totally determined products, because sometimes have such a broad spectrum of things they find the maintenance for it might become hard handling every one of share of the keywords.

    All in all, a beautiful harmonious supplement for anyone who wants to entre approximately how to make their site more wealthy.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply


      Jaaxy is the in my opinion the best tool for finding good keywords, and it can save you a lot of effort and failures.

  27. MovieFan Reply

    Thank you for your thorough review about Jaaxy . I seldom used this before because I don not feel the necessity of it but upon reading this review it helps me understand better of its benefits and advantage to have a successful website. I’ll definitely use it again to all my future content. Cheers!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi MovieFan,

      If you ever consider using it again, Jaaxy is the most powerful keyword tool you can find.

  28. Daniel Reply

    Great review Emmanuel! jaaxy is really fantastic tool. I am using in for a year now and I am more than satisfied. What I like the most is that give us a chance to see a real competition which is very accurate. It definitely for everyone who plan to start an online business.

  29. Ty Reply

    To me keywords are very important, I spend quite a bit of time searching through keywords to find the “perfect” one.

    I usually rank pretty well, I like that in Jaaxy you can view the keywords that you have used to see where they rank in google bing and yahoo. It’s really helpful information. Overall a pretty neat tool for keywords that many people should get on board with.

  30. Matthew Reply

    Jaaxy is in no way shape or form, A Scam!

    I mean, how could it be? How could a keyword tool that has helped me get several posts and pages of my websites onto Googles page 1?

    If you haven’t already used the free jaaxy trial then I strongly suggest you take them up on the offer and I can guarantee that you will upgrade as soon as your trial ends as it is by far the most superior keyword tool that is out there at the moment.

    Jaaxy is certainly the way forward if you want your online business to work properly and u couldn’t have made it this far without it.


  31. Joseph Monroe Reply

    I personally use Jaaxy to find the ideal keywords on my site and I have found great results with this website. They put all the information you need to know about a potential keyword you might want to use in an easy to read chart. I agree whole heartedly with your review on the site. Very informative and accurate 

  32. James Underwood Reply

    Jaaxy is my go to keyword tool.  I get it for free since I am Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate, but even if I didn’t get it for free, I would pay for it.

    Not only is it the most powerful tool in finding low competition highly searched keywords for my blog posts. If you want to fine tune your site to get more traffic, you need to check Jaaxy out.

  33. Daniella Reply

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Great review on Jaaxy, I really enjoyed the review!

    I want to share my experience with Jaaxy. It’s been four years now that I use Jaaxy and I am more than pleased with this tool. It gives all the data I need for campaigns, which help me rank on the first page of Google and get a lot of traffic. I could not have done it without it! So, I would highly recommend this tool to built a thriving business online!

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Daniella,

      I’m very glad to hear that!

      Yes, Jaaxy is the number one keyword tool for expanding your business, hope you will enjoy it for a lot of years more.

  34. Stephen Reply

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for the Jaaxy review, you did such a good job. Your review was very thorough. I personally love this Keyword Tool. Jaaxy is in fact, in my personal opinion, NO Brainer at all. I don’t know yet and I can’t be dogmatic, but I think when it comes to Keyword Research Tools for affiliate marketers, Jaaxy stands out among all the rest out there.

    I just like the fact that it gives you information not just on  the amount of traffic you can get on a Keyword, but also it helps you to see the numbers websites competing for that particular Keyword, so that you will be able to tell whether, the Keyword You’re using is worth it or not. 

    I also like how it helps you to find a profitable niche and even a good affiliate program to promote their products on your website. I think all affiliate marketers should give this Keyword Tool a try. It is surely worth it.

    Thanks for sharing this review,

    My best wishes,


  35. Shui Hyen Reply

    Hey Emmanuel,

    Great review, you have explained everything about Jaxxy – The Keyword Research Tool built by the Affiliate Marketer.

    FYI, I am using the Jaxxy Lite Version which is free if you’re a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate. Whenever I have a writing block or lack of ideas for an article, l head over to Jaxxy to brainstorm it and immediately a ton of new ideas are pop up for your new topic. Secondly, Jaxxy allow me to spy on my competitors and how to outrank them.

    I would say Jaxxy is a must have keyword research tool.

    Best wishes.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hello Shui,

      Indeed, you get the Lite version when ou use the Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership, which is a great advantage.

      Jaaxy is the best keyword tool to outrank your competition and find the best keywords you need for your site.

  36. Huy Reply

    Wonderful article on Jaaxy, I personally have messed around with quite a few other keyword tools before settling back onto Jaaxy. It just has everything you need with all the different features that it has along with it being very straight forward to use and not complicated. Its the perfect tool.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hello Huy,

      Glad to hear Jaaxy works very good for you, it is indeed one of the best key word tools you can find!

  37. Victor Reply

    Hey Emmanuel,

    Just here to vouch for Jaaxy since it is a great tool I have been using for 2 years on multiple websites. It doesn’t get more simple and efficient when trying to score high rankings. 

    I also liked that you gave some tips and explain in detail just how it works, giving new users a better idea of how to use the program correctly, that’s very nice. Hopefully new marketeers will see this and use this wonderful tool that is helping many of us, thank you.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Victor,

      That is why this page is here, to help people, like I’ve explained about Jaaxy, which is an amazing tool.

  38. Lance Reply

    Awesome page, you done a great job, explaining Jaxxy . I use Jaxxy everyday for every post and page I create and love it. I wouldn’t waste my time writing without this great tool. Jaxxy has helped me come up with some very powerful keywords. I also saw wealthy affiliate mentioned on the page another very powerful tool, I have learned how to build a cool website using the WA training. It has been a great experience for me and I stand buy you in saying this is not a scam. 

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Lance,

      Happy to hear Jaaxy helps you to grow your website, and indeed, Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful platform which can help you to achieve a lot of success online!

  39. Brian Reply

    Thank you so much for this informative overview of Jaxxy. As a beginner like myself, I thought it was very useful and very in-depth on explaining everything from the prices, the benefits, and just a really good overview of who can benefit from using it and why. The more I educate myself on Jaxxy, it becomes more and more clear on why if you are serious about your website, it is an absolute must!

  40. Otis Dube Reply

    Yes Jaaxy pretty swift and accurate is definitely our 007 James Bond out there checking traffic for us and checking out our rivals or competitors does so many things like creating domains such as “.com”, “.net”, “.org” furthermore helping by finding the good keywords to boost your post to a new level, to gain more traffic and more money in the end. especially is an excellent tool to outgun your niches competition.

    As a member as well of wealthy affiliate yes jaaxy is the best tool to have around and on this note all the best in goodwill hunting.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hello Otis,

      Exactly, Jaaxy is the tool you need for the competition and to beat it, without it, your blind and helpless.

  41. Mariah Reply

    Hi, I have to admit that I’m a bit confused. I learned about Jaaxy a couple months ago and have been using it ever since. I agree with you that it is a great tool! Very helpful. 

    However, I was always under the impression that you want the QSR to be as low as possible, because the QSR is the amount of times that keyword has already been quoted in Google. The less times it has been used, the lower the competition. Less competition means higher chances for you to get your article on the first page of Google.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding something in your post. Or perhaps you’re confusing QSR with SEO? The SEO score is between 1 and 100 and the higher that number is, the better your chances for ranking on the front page in Google searches. So when I research keywords, I always look for a high number in the traffic category and a low QSR, the lower the better.

  42. Josh Reply

    I’ve actually been using Jaaxy for a while now and I absolutely enjoy it. For the time being the “lite” or starter is plenty for me. It gives enough insight to allow me to formulate a post based off of that. As I continue to grow I will probably upgrade to a paid version of Jaaxy it’s just not for me at this time.

    I do have one question though as a starter you said you get 30 searches is this monthly or total? Like once you use all 30 you can’t use it again?

    Anyway it’s definitely been a useful tool even as a free user and it’s something I would recommend to anyone!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Josh,

      jaaxy is the best one to find great keywords with.

      You get 30 searches monthly, as a Lite member when you combine it with Wealthy Affiliate, this is unlimited.

  43. Tom Reply

    Just another reason to join Wealthy Affiliate….for the use of Jaaxy.  I have used other keyword tools in the past and Jaaxy is by far the least confusing.  It is easy to use. If you do any sort of blogging it is a “must have” tool for your keyword research.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Tom,

      Jaaxy is very necessary because without it youre blind and you will lose the battle.

      So indeed, join it or else you will fail.

  44. pmbaluka2016 Reply


    I like what I’ve read here because it’s absolutely true. I’ve used Jaaxy for the last two years and to this far I can boldly say that It’s the best keyword tool in the world. It’s easy to use and provides the best results for any niche.

    Thank you for such a nice article and best wishes


    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Baluka,

      Happy to hear it really works for you!

      It is indeed the best keyword tool you can find, all the options it has, for that price..

      Nobody can beat ir.

  45. Dale Reply

    Jaaxy is absolutely the all in one keyword research tool.  I do use Jaaxy on a daily basis and will continue to use it.  For some new marketers Jaaxy may be a bit highly priced but it is worth every penny.  This was a great article and anyone not convinced at what keyword to use should now be convinced.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Dale,

      Happy to hear Jaaxy works excellent for you.

      Indeed, there is no better keyword research tool than this one.

  46. Nathalie Reply

    Hi Emmanuel, thanks for this great review. I use Jaaxy for a while now and I like the simplicity of it. It really helps you to get better rankings by finding the best words for your article. And I absolutely agree with you that it is the best tool!

  47. Victor Reply

    Thank you for such a great article. I’m a current user of Jaaxy and I have witnessed the power of this amazing tool. It is so helpful when it comes to keywords that will help your content be seen my more viewers. I have access to this through a platform but the details that you give about the prices are on point. Easy to use and understand.

    I appreciate the information. I’m sure your visitors will jump into Jaaxy to see it for themselves!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Victor.

      Happy to hear Jaaxy helps you with your site and with the growth of it.

      When people will use Jaaxy, they will see how good it is!

  48. Olonisakin Kehinde Reply

    Jaaxy……  A powerful tool I must say,  the question about it being a scam or not is not debatable because is is not and never will be. getting a keyword search tools like jaaxy, to me is a rare opportunity and even hosted within WA us one of the best creativity and opportunity ever.  I use jaaxy a lot,  I’m familiar with it,  it really has helped me in finding adequate keywords for my content creation. 

    …..jaaxy all the way. 

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Kehinde,

      Jaaxy is in my opinion the most powerful tool available, so indeed, saying it is a scam is denying the truth.

      Without it you’re blind and you will go nowhere.

  49. Leo Reply

    My honest opinion from my own experience: Jaaxy it’s not a scam, not only, it’s one of the best keyword research tool I have ever used. The best keywords that I have used comes from Jaaxy. Many of them today are ranked on Google first page. I love the ‘Brainstorming’ section of Jaaxy, often from there I take the ideas which articles I should write next for my site.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Leo,

      Jaaxy is the best keyword tool out there, because without it you’re blind.

      And indeed, many keywords got ranked so good because of this !

  50. lynnsamuelson Reply

    Jaaxy is indeed a great tool that I’ve been consistently using for a couple of years. I liked it when when I first tried using it but the newest version takes it to the next level. It really does help locate the low hanging fruit keywords that will get you ranked and often quickly. As you mentioned, it’s important to use only keyword phrases that are grammatically correct or don’t even bother.

    Great review!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Lynn,

      Exactly, using bad grammar phrases can kill your post before you started it, even with a great tool like Jaaxy.

      So be careful with that.

  51. Tina Reply


    I can definitely agree with you and say that Jaaxy is not a scam and is an excellent resource that any affiliate marketer can benefit from using. The free version is really all you need to get started and it’s a great way to test run the tool and make sure you want it. I’ve been using Jaaxy now for 5 months and I do almost all my research exclusively with it.

    However, I’ve always been confused about a couple of key items in the reports. For one thing, you don’t mention the SEO or KQI rating. Do you not find those important factors someone should consider when deciding on a keyword to target? 

    I agree with you that starting out, one should really go after lower competition keywords. However, in many cases from personal experience I have found multiple keywords that have pretty decent traffic with a high QSR (greater than 90). For example, I have found one phrase with a 0 QSR, green KQI, and 95 SEO but found another with 30 QSR, green KQI, and 92 SEO before two very similar keywords. How do you decide which one to go with?

    Thanks so much for this great info! I love using Jaaxy!

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Tina,

      To answer your question, the SEO has to be between 80-100, and the QSR below 60.

      Now about your other question, I would go for the 30, since it is easier for Google to index it, for the other one it is highly possible this will never get indexed.

  52. Henry Reply

    Hi Emmanuel! A keyword tool certainly is a must for anybody that wants to run his own site and become an affiliate marketer. The chances of a person finding good keywords to attract traffic to their sites, without using a keyword tool are close to none!

    I usually look at it this way: I have my own site where I help people learning a specific language. If I write 10 good posts, putting a lot of research and effort into them. But don’t use a keyword tool to assign a keyword rich title to those posts. What will happen is that people searching online WILL NOT find my posts. And thus, all my effort would be in vain!

    Concerning Jaaxy, I personally have been using it for 3 years. And the results are very good. I personally prefer it over other keyword tools.

    I have been searching topics related to keyword tools. But, up to this point, I haven’t found anything that suits me better than Jaaxy. 

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Henry,

      exactly, this tool is the best you can have, without Jaaxy you are blind, and you will get beaten by the competition.

  53. Karissa Reply

    I think Jaaxy is the BEST online marketing tool out there! I use it every time I want to search for keywords to try and find what I should use to get my posts ranked in Google. I like that you can do SO much with the free membership, but the Enterprise membership really helps me see where I rank and lets me make as many lists of keywords as I want.

    My online business has been successful thanks to Jaaxy!

  54. Ronan Reply

    Hi Emmanuel,

    I use Jaxxy all the time and find it to be one of the best and most efficient ways of performing keyword research. I love how it gives you the average traffic, competition and how successful you would be for ranking for a certain word or phrase.

    I have used other keyword tools and hands down Jaxxy provides the best and most accurate information which allows you to target the right keywords so you rank well for them

    Great article thank you

  55. bigbux1 Reply

    If i will continue to make my review on wealthy affiliates infact, time will not permit me.Do you want to talk about the sound trainings offers or unmeasurable supports from her huge community and so many mouth watery benefits?I know  it might be difficult and so hard to find good affiliate sites or programs, well, wealthy affiliate will definitely put a stop to your search.

  56. Taetske Reply

    Good afternoon Emmanuel,

    I am aware that keywords, or the lack of them can make or break your website.

    It is of no use to write post after post if you get no visitors who read your articles.

    When you have a website you do not get around it, you need a very good keyword tool.

    I agree with you that Jaaxy is the best there is. Thank you for this post. I hope many people will follow your advice.

    Regards, Taetske

  57. Kris M. Reply

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Jaaxy certainly seems like a great tool for finding keywords that will help your site rank in Google.  Thank you for taking the time to share what it does.  Are you planning to do a video tutorial of how to use it or do you know of one?  Sometimes I like to get an idea of what to expect before I invest in a new tool and it would be great to see all of the different features in action.

  58. Cath Anon Reply

    Love this tool!  I tried it as a free member and immediately saw the full scope of what it can do.  No way could I give that up so I immediately upgraded my membership to premium.  I wanted all of it’s power!  

    But despite its power, it does not overload me with too much technical information.  It’s extremely easy to use.  Jaaxy remains the MAIN tool I use in my SEO arsenal.  I really do not feel as if I’m missing out on anything by not checking out the other tools out there.  

  59. Matt's Mom Reply

    I actually use Jaaxy and have for over 2 years now.  Funny, I was actually getting ready to login  and ended up on your sight.  So I had to share my experience.  It is definitely not a scam, and definitely a great tool for website SEO.  I actually don’t think my website would be where it is (rankings) without Jaaxy.  I utilize it with every post I write, to optimize my key words.  It provides invaluable information.

  60. bigbux1 Reply

    One of the most legit affiliate network marketing I have so much benefited from is Deviant Travels. The day friend introduced the the company, I was skeptical due to the unbelievable compensation plans but due to his huge earnings..I just joined fast.The compensation plan is so amazing

     unlimited commissions daily.Community support group2 complimentary vacation getaways per month to over 3500 locations!Massive discounts on flights, hotels, travel, entertainment and much more!I love this website for bringing this legit site to those who might be thinking otherwise.

  61. Kate Reply

    This article is absolutely PERFECT for someone like me who is new to website design and interested in becoming an affiliate. I recently have joined Wealthy Affiliate and am in process of building my first website. 

    Obviously, I have had nagging concerns about Wealthy Affiliate and Jaxxy, and other platforms being a “scam”. You have definitely put my mind at ease. I had no idea that Jaxxy had such a plethora of abilities and was such a great resource for people trying to build successful, high-ranking websites. So far I have found Jaxxy to be a great resource in finding keywords to use on my website, and its so easy to use! 

    I also appreciate you pointing out that legit affiliate programs do NOT charge. Knowing that bit of information will help me make smart decisions in the future regarding my online business. 

    I look forward to reading more articles just like this one as I learn to build out my own website. 

    Thanks so much for the information!

  62. marlasmith Reply

    Thanks for the information on Jaaxy.  I am currently using the subscription that is available with a Wealthy Affiliate program.  Do you use the upgraded program or the program available with WA?  I was wondering if you have upgraded if you are seeing many benefits with the next level.  I also have a question for you.  I am pretty new at this and still not that great at finding keywords.  It was my understanding the the lower the QSR is the better chance you have for being ranked.  Do I have this wrong?  Any help would be appreciated, as I don’t have much that has currently ranked, and it might be because I am not understanding how to properly use the program.  Thanks so much for your help, and for laying out all the additional levels of Jaaxy that are available.  I had no idea there were so many choices.  

  63. Brenda Reply

    Hi Emmanuel

    I have found Jaaxy to be very helpful. Definitely don’t think it’s a scam. It has made building a website absolutely stress free.  One of the awesome things about it is that you can try it free of cost. I’m hoping to upgrade in the future to enjoy even more exciting benefits. 

    Thanks for sharing this very informative post.

  64. mzakapon Reply

    A couple of weeks ago I did not even know about Jaaxy. Now I have joined Wealthy Affiliate and become premium member recently and I could know about keyword research tool like Jaxxy through a training lesson of Wealthy affiliate. I am really surprised that we are not researching any keyword when we write article. But it is now a important issue for search engine optimization.

    I have also learnt QSR label and how to bit competitor by using Jaaxy keyword research tool. I am sure and give my optinion that Jaaxy is 100% no scam.

  65. Evald Reply

    Helo there,

    thanks for the great review, I found it to be helpful and I really enjoyed reading it & learning new things regarding Jaaxy!. As far as this tool goes, well I have to say- after using it for over 6 months as of right now, I am very impressed by it. Jaaxy truly offers a very rich & informative keywoard researches with detailed keyword performance analyses and provides very valuable metrics for each of it. On top of this, it offers a lot of other great features that come in very handy. What I also like a lot about Jaaxy is that it’s very user-friendly, which makes it perfect for both- beginners and more exprienced people. Keep up the great work! 

  66. Barry Reply

    Beautiful review of one of the best keyword tool in the world. Jaaxy is the official Search Engine Optimization tool of the best Community of successful Affiliates in the world.

    Why do I keep saying best? This tool has done a great job for my friends in Wealthy Affiliate. I have tried it too and I love it.

  67. David Reply

    Excellent review and full of truths. Jaaxy has been an invaluable tool for me as I’m ramping up my affiliate marketing business. I highly recommend it. I decided almost immediately to go with the Pro version because I wanted to do a LOT of keyword searches. I wasn’t sure what niche to go with so I’ve spent a lot of time doing research on various ones. I suppose I could have done something similar without Jaaxy but it has made it so much easier and has saved me countless hours. It does in seconds what would take me hours to do manually and even then I wouldn’t be sure of the accuracy. 

  68. Sujandar Mahesan Reply

    I’m in affiliate business for almost four months now. I have also been using Jaaxy as my keyword research tool for my website. I usually just use it for keyword research and nothing else. After reading this article I found that there is more to Jaaxy other than just keyword research.

    I never knew that jaaxy can analyze how many times a specific keyword has been searched. I learned that from this article.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

  69. Nate Stone Reply

    Hi Emmanuel,

    Thanks for providing this overview of Jaaxy, I’ve used the free version of the tool on a few different occasions. I’ve always found the functionality to be very useful and more varied than your standard planner tool. Perhaps you can assist with this but in what scenarios would you advise opting for the more expensive product levels.

  70. Ikechukwu Ogbonna Reply


    What i personally find intriguing is the fact that jaaxy actually perfects QSR research, which is very critical to your overall progress. What confuses me though are the different variations of a particular keyword. I’m not so sure if jaaxy can help me know where i stand in the search engine based on a slightly different word or letter.

  71. Wei Reply

    I can share something here because I use Jaaxy as my keyword research tool. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require much training if any. You do need to learn what each indicator means but besides that, it’s straightforward. I use Jaaxy for every post I write. I don’t know if it’s the best keyword research tool since it’s the only I have ever used. What I can tell is that it does its job and I really enjoy using it.

  72. Kate Reply

    Hello Emmanuel!

    I’ve been using Jaaxy for some months now and I really like it so far. I think it is one of the best tools existing out there when it comes to keyword research. Also, being a wealthy affiliate member I enjoy that benefit for free, which is also a great perk. Of course there is no doupt that Jaaxy is not a scam! 

  73. Marlene Reply

    Valuable informative post. Thank you.  Very useful and insightful. This tool is worth every cent.  The best one for ranking and tracking.  I’ve been using it too and I agree, this is the best one out there.  I have tried other ones, and I have tried all the free ones too.  Jaaxy is worth more than any other keyword tool available.  The other ones aren’t bad, they just aren’t as good.  

    Keywords are a very important aspect of your website.  To succeed to your full potential you have to have the right keywords.  And Jaaxy knows best.  It’s also a really easy user friendly platform.  

    Jaaxy comes with Wealthy Affiliate too.  Which is the most amazing online learning platform with the best community available and all training and resources needed…. and… and….  The two just walk hand in hand together and gives more and greater success.  

    Want to be a professional?  This is a tool for a professional!

  74. Samantha Reply

    This  article was helpful to me, as now I know the criteria to use while choosing the keywords from the keyword search tool, I should not pick those with high traffic instead I pick the medium ones for steady growth for my site. Also now I can see my rank on Google and other search tools such as Bing and yahoo. Thanks for good work keep it up. That is I recommend for anyone, I also use this tool. 

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