Offernation Review – is this one really worth your time?

In this post we are going to review the PTC platform called Offernation.

As you know, PTC sites are known to be scammy, since they promise you good money but it turns out in the end you lose money, or win no money at all.

I’ve already been discussing reviews about Neobux and Paidverts, now we will see this other major platform.

But before we start:

I want to show you a platform where I make good money at, it won’t get you rich overnight, but after a few weeks, or months, and with a bit of effort, you can make some decent money, and it is been proven not be a scam, since I am a member for a while there now.

If you want to more know about it, click here and you will see what I’m talking about, it is the number 1 recommendation i have for you, I already made a review about it, which you can find here, and if you need help, I’ll be willing to help you with it.

What is Offernation?

It is simply a paid to click site, yes another one.

You get money by earning ads, filling in surveys, and more of these stuff.

I will make more reviews about other platforms soon, but the ones I’ve been reviewing for now, are proven not to be a scam, but, they don’t pay you too much.

Neobux and Paidverts pay you like $5 a month, IF YOU HAVE LUCK.

Now, I checked the situation at Offernation and I come to the following conclusions:

My conclusions

– This is not a fake website, far from it actually, they are totally real, as you also can see on the many positive reviews it has.

– They pay very quick, by PayPal, if you made a few transactions, you can have 1 PayPal instant request every day.

– Lots of people join this program/site.

– You need to be lucky to live in the right country, since the surveys are really country based, so if you live in the right country, you can earn $100 a month, maybe more, if you don’t, maybe you make $5.

– If you have a problem, they act fast, so that is good.

– I was struggling to do this on my mobile phone, so that isn’t friendly at all.

So what I can say is:

You can join it, you won’t lose any money, and if you live in the right country, you can make some decent money, if not, you have to look further.

I almost forgot to tell you this

They also have a referral system, you know what it is, right?

A referral system is when I would put a link here, you click it, and you join it, I get a commission on the income you make there.

For Offernations this is 25% of each referral, which can be very good.

Now don’t worry, I won’t put any referral link here, I would have done it if I was convinced it was the best one to make money.

Instead, I recommend this one.

But it is your choice what you want to do with it.

I earned a bit of money by it, something like $27, which isn’t too much for 2 months, but at least it is way better than Neobux, Clixsense or Paidverts.

But I don’t put it as my number one.

But again, there are no getting rich overnight programs, but as I said before, I found one, and it is my number one, which can make you rich after a while, let us say, a year and a half.

I did it this way, I almost gave up as well, but something very good happened then, so for me, this is the best.

You can try it as well, in the beginning if you are dedicated, you can already earn up to $200!

And this is just for a start, can you imagine what will happen if you do this for a long while? Yes indeed, you can make thousands of $$$$$!!

Now let us get back to Offernation, how much would I give this on a scale of 0 to 10?

Based on the fact it isn’t a scam, they pay out fast, they are user friendly, and they can let you earn some good money, I would say a 9/10.

BUT, and there is always a but, I won’t give that, it is simply because it has cons.

These include the fact it isn’t good, or user friendly on mobile devices, you really have to be lucky to live in the right country, which is kind of sad, people from India, or African regions almost never get an offer, i know this because I asked a lot around, and for them this is bad, or let me say, disappointing, because they really are looking forward to make money.

So for people who earns $200 by this, it is awesome, for those who will earn $5, totally not.

Also, and this is the biggest con, they have many survey sites which the other major PTC sites also have, and that isn’t good.

Those won’t pay well, and this is the biggest problem: The geographic situation.

I live in Western-Europe, but guess what? Even for me it is hard, but really hard, to get enough offers to make money!

$1 a day, it isn’t going to pay my bills, instead, I lose money since I’m wasting energy to look for offers.

So, based on that, I give it an overall score of 6/10, which is much better than Neobux and Paidverts.

You know that I already said I found another good one, you really should consider checking that one out, because it will help you, and make you better in what you are.

This platform isn’t about looking ads or something like that, instead, this is about Affiliate Marketing, where you promote things, and as you can look around, you can make so much money by it, I’m not speaking in a year, but in the course of years, where you would have been working like 30 years for the same amount, you can earn in maybe 4 years.

Sounds great, right? Check it out here!

I have come to the ending conclusion of this post, let me wrap it up.

The ending conclusion

We came to the end of the Offernation review, and here is my conclusion, and are the results.

– This isn’t a scam, however, you can make money on it, but don’t expect to get rich, you can perhaps pay your monthly bills, but really, that is all.

– They pay fast, and they are real, so this is a thing I really like about them, there aren’t scammy as most of these platforms, where you have to “invest” money in buying referrals and ending up in losing all your money.

– You need to be lucky where you live, if you live in the wrong country, you won’t make too much money, maybe, really, maybe $5, a month.

– I found a better platform than this one, after being a member for a long while, I consider it as my number one, because not any other platform made me so much money as this one, in such a short time.

So what I want to say is:

If you want to join it, be my guest, you can join it from here, don’t worry, it doesn’t have any referral link in it, because I’m not totally convinced about it.

If I was, i would have done it.

But, and this is the biggest question of everybody, is it a scam or not?

I can be very clear about this, it is not a scam, instead, it is a very trustworthy platform, and you can be surfing at it without any doubt, I was there for a while, and I didn’t encounter any problem, so you can sleep on your both ears, trust me.

But if you want to make great money, don’t do it.

There are better ways to make money, even by gaming you can make money, but soon I will make a post about it, let us say you can do it legitimate, but also a bit “illegal”, which is called Black-Hat.

I will not be responsible for any problems you could encounter doing this, since I’m not urging you to do it, it is totally at your own risk!

The only thing I do is giving you options, it is up to you if you want to do it or not (I did some of the things I will mention in later posts myself, and ended up being banned multiple times).

But anyway, this was the review about Offernation, and as you saw, if you live for example in the United States, you can make good money, in other regions, it will be harder.

If you have any questions or want to add more things about it, feel free to put it in the comment box below, and I will feel happy to help you, or to join the discussion!

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