Online affiliate marketing – is it for you?

In this post we are going to discuss the fact if online affiliate marketing is something for you, or if you aren’t made for it.

We will show you a wide range of things that you could promote, and what you have to know and do when you’re promoting them.

After this post, you will see if you are made to do it, need more training, or it is nothing for you.


I really want to do this, but I’m afraid

It is normal, I also came as a newbie into this world, and I didn’t had any kind of experience, so I had to figure out everything, because I know this has a lot of opportunities, and you can make good money of it, and this will only rise more and more, which means, more chances are coming.

You don’t need to be afraid, everybody can be a marketeer, you just have to think that you’re speaking with your audience like you’re talking with your friends.

If you do it like this, it is for sure they will listen to you, and you will feel comfortable yourself. You don’t have to sell things as a true marketeer would do, from door to door and trying to sell things.

That is a totally big no, since people will think like you’re trying to let them buy things, and not wanting to help them, but that is essential, first you have to help them with any question, and in that time you can say like: Maybe there are better ones, but still, using this one will also make you satisfied, it has other good things, and that is what you need.

I didn’t say it like this in the beginning, but with more posts, comes more experience.



You need to give it time

Don’t expect when you will start a site or blog you will have lots of visitors in the beginning, thus money.

These kind of things takes time, since there are lots of people doing this, and you need to rise a bit in the rankings.


I give one advice, choose keywords with this amazing tool to find the perfect one for you.

Don’t choose keywords with lots of traffic in the beginning, your site is new, no visitors will come and it will take forever to rank, instead choose ones with low traffic, and less than 100 QSR -> this means the number of pages with the exact keyword ranked in Google.

I always choose low traffic keywords, with a low QSR, and I already have many keywords in the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing!

There is just one word, patience.


Where can I write posts and more?

Well, there is a platform where you can install your wordpress site, and also it has domain hosting, and trainings to help you from level 1 to 50!

This gives you 10 free trainings, and the chance to start your own free website, it can be up to 25 sites, and this for free!

If you pay for it, it adds up to 50 sites, 50 levels of training, and also a special bootcamp training section.

You can chat live with other persons, and since shortly, you can earn money by putting comments on people sites, which is called SiteComments. With this I can earn up to $100-5000 a month!

Now, we’re walking away from where we have started.

The question is if it is for you.


Why you don’t need to doubt

I was totally not a marketing guy or whatsoever, I think many people who started doing this, were totally not in this branch, and had no idea how to do it, how to bring over ideas to other people, and were kind of stuck, and maybe skeptical about the fact you can earn money online, because you just have to check it on Google, How to earn money online? And you get lots of sites which claims you can earn more than $500 a day, just overnight.

This is clearly false, and it is also one of the reasons people get skeptical and thinking everything is a scam.

But actually, these kinds of sites aren’t a scam, but they’re not telling the truth.

I will take an example, Neobux, they claim to let you earn a lot of money.

You earn money yes, $0.0002 a day.

Is that much? No, and this is why people say, oh it is another program like that, and again, I will waste so many time in it, and I’m going to quit it.

That is the problem that many people take, they quit, but don’t realize which huge potential is hidden behind that wall of “scam”.

I had the same as you, as I’ve already mentioned in earlier posts, I did PPC sites, I did surveys, and what did they pay? Nothing!

If I was lucky, I had $10 a month.

Now just doing comments on the WA page, I already get $50 a day!



But let me say, after all the bad sites and experiences, when I saw the WA platform, I was like, oh no, again, something which promises money, but in the end, isn’t anything.

And indeed, the first months I didn’t earn anything, however, I felt this was different.

The community is wonderful, and the proof they showed on the pages were genuine enough to keep on, also because Google indexed my pages and I was getting people and comments.

It was a matter of time before the money started to come, and finally it was there, after 7 months.

Now, like I mentioned, you can already start to have money in the comments.

This is how it works.

You give 50 comments on people sites, by the SiteComment section, 50 of them have to approve it, and you need to have 80% approvement rating, and below 20% skip rate.

If you managed to do that, you get $0.50 for every second comment.

Sounds much better than the PPC and survey sites, no?

Let us take a bit further if it is for you or not.


I really don’t need experience?

No, it is not necessary to have experience, but as I told you, you need to have patience.

Patience is key, if you don’t have it, this is not for you, which would be a shame, since you could earn thousands of bucks doing this, and now in the world of today, I don’t know how else you can make it like that, unless you know how to make very good Instagram pictures or Youtube videos.

Affiliate marketing will continue for a long while, and I’m speaking for at least 10 years.


For who it is and for who not

I will show for who it is and for who it is not:

For who it is:

– People without experience

– People who want to help other people, while earning a bit, or a lot

– If you got satisfaction by helping them, and learning from those people, while engaging them.

– If you want to learn something new

– You love to talk with other people

– Saying something about products like you say it to your friends, but to a wider public

Don’t start if you:


– Don’t have the patience, you will not get rich overnight, it could take months before you see money, also, good luck with finding something which gets you $500 a day instantly

– Are afraid to fail, if you’re afraid already, you will type like this, and if people ask you something, you won’t answer because you will be like: I will say it good, or they will approve? No, even if you don’t know about it surely, just go and look it up, I’m pretty sure you will find more information, which you can share with your audience

– Want to become famous immediately, it is the same with the getting rich overnight, don’t expect if you promote it on Facebook or Instagram you will get thousands of followers.



No, in the best case, you will probably have like 10 followers a day in the beginning, or even per week or per month.

In my case for instance, it took 3 weeks to get to 50 followers, after that it went so much easier, but once again, patience is key in that.

– You want to cheat, it is clearly you can cheat on Google and other Search Engines by paying for something, but don’t forget, Google and other ones will find out and give a penalty to your site, which means it will disappear in the lower bottoms of the rankings, and maybe forever.



Don’t do it to your site, it isn’t worth it.

I hope I could give you some advise with this post, and don’t forget to check out this platform, since it is an amazing one, and I’m confident it will help you.

If you need help with the affiliate marketing on there, just leave me a message and I will guide you step by step, and make you a very good affiliate marketeer in no time!




8 thoughts on “Online affiliate marketing – is it for you?

  1. Renton Reply

    Affiliate marketing seems to be an honest way to make a living. It is always good to keep your business honest and true even though it may seem like there is a shortcut that can get you to that money faster. It is often never worth it to take shortcuts because eventually they always bite you in the end.

    I like using Jaaxy because even the free version is user friendly and doesn’t have intrusive ads impairing functionality.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Renton,

      Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online.

      All the PTC sites out there are either scam or a waste of money.making money takes time and a lot of patience.

      Jaaxy is the best keyword tool you will find, I’m using it for a while and I’m very happy with it.

  2. Steve Reply

    I think you have a great sirte here. It explains WA very well and had I not been a member I think I would have used your link and joined.  WelL written and explains things well on aall the major points. Just have one observation that does not compute in my head and that is the 5000 a month writing comments  At 50 cents per 2 that is a lot of comments to make. Am I missing something?

    I think you probably already have  some success here at WA and you obviously are way ahead of me now but I am working on it. 

    All said I learned more about WA from you that I did not know.

    I so agree that patience is needed. I spend hours on this as often as I can and hope to accelerate my earning potential by working daily and dlearning.

    Thank  you for the knowledge.


    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the positive feedback, my goal is to help people to become a good affiliate, and I want to show them what they need to have and what they need to learn.

      About the 5000 a month, it is possible, if you spent 9 hours a day doing comments all the time.

      Patience os key, continue doing the good work!

  3. LearnToEarn Admin Reply

    Emmanuel, you have given some good advice about how to start becoming an affiliate and you are right, it takes a lot of patience and time.  Some people think that earning money online is something that you can do in a few minutes, but in reality, anything worthwhile takes time and a lot, a lot of hard work.  Perseverance is key!

    I like the option of being paid to make quality, genuine and useful comments on people’s websites.  This is a great way to encourage people and to help them start as new affiliate.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain a few good tips on what to expect as an affiliate.

    May you prosper and grow from strength to strength!


    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hi Edu,

      Thanks for the positive comment, in this post I want to show people success doesn’t come overnight and you need to be patienced.

      As long as you have it, you can become a very good marketeer.

  4. jessie palaypay Reply

    thanks for your insights into affiliate marketing. I have been doing it for almost two years hoping to gain a passive income stream. It took me over 15 months to get my first affiliate sale. I’d say I was pretty proud of myself to be willing to persist for such a long time making nothing.

    If I may ask, did it take you quite as long as I did? 

    I understand there is a learning curve and a commitment factor as well.

    • Emmanuel Buysse Post authorReply

      Hello Jessie,

      It can take a while before you get a sale, however when it comes, it only will get better, patience is the key.

      For me personally, it took 5 months before I got my first sale, and now I’m very good.

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