Paidverts – Do you earn pennies or lots of money by this?

In this post we’re going to see what Paidverts is, if it is legit, and how much you can earn.

It is different from other online earning platforms, by the meaning you need to earn Bonus Advertention Points (BAP) first.

The amount if that is 400, so you watch ads until you have that amount, knowing that each of them is worth $0.0005, means you earned $0.20 for that.

It isn’t amazing, and you will see more shocking things coming up in this post, believe me.

You are here because you want to make money online, and looking for the best platform.



Is it so easy to make money online?



Hell no, I have been with many sites and platforms like this, and look where I ended up, I left all the PTC sites behind of me, since it didn’t earn me anything, maybe Paidverts was a different story, which you will see later in this post.

But to earn money online, you need to have patience, but with watching ads, no, you won’t get rich or even trying to make good money because of this, believe me, if it was so easy, why is the whole world not a millionaire? Think about that..

I was also wary about PTC sites, since they promise you to make you rich, sometimes overnight, I have the idea it is to get desperate people on board, who needs to pay their bills or just want to earn money.

I tried many of them, but none where good and only brought me pennies.



Is this platform different then?

The fact they give 400 BAP is already a difference, also in the beginning 6 days after you set up your account, you receive 16 ads daily to maintain your BAP score, and now comes the big difference.

Those BAP points will be exchanged into real money, which means the second day after you watched the 16 ads, your 400 BAP will be exchanged by $0.20. Noting that after 6 days your ads will be limited to 8, uou will have 2400 BAP in that, which is $1.20.

Every 2400 BAP is worth $1.20, so you “invested” $1, and you got $1.20 in return, which is a nice ratio.


But then we have the question: Seriously, 1 Dollar for a week?



Remember what I said in my previous post, PTC sites aren’t ment that you earn money, instead, the company will earn money for your effort.



Of course, they pay you to have you a bit of satisfied feeling, but come on, we know that a company has to earn money and you do effort, but even bad company will give you more for this!



But there are other ways to earn.


They added the option to play games and earn BAP with it, but I really don’t recommend that, as you don’t earn good already with ads, and you know it already from Neobux, when you play games, they really don’t give a lot, right?

It is the same with this, you play the whole day, and guess what? Your BAP went to 100!

You spent a whole day playing games and all you get is that!

You really want to do that? So don’t bother trying that.



What else they have? Well: as I said with the games, you can play lottery games as well, and that makes it even better.

You spend your well-earned points into a lottery and hope you can get bonus points or even more money, it sounds good right?

I highly recommend if you want to try Paidverts you really don’t play the lottery game, you know how much luck you can have with this, and how big the chance is to lose those well-earned points, which you have been collecting all the day by ads and more!



The third option is:

Invest money yourself in this.

I don’t need to tell you that this is a waste of your money, since it will take YEARS before you will get a surplus, and one other thing.

It seems that the platform is losing money, and the possibility of making more money or even have a small profit is almost none to zero.

It would be a waste of your time and money to invest in this platform.

I’m pretty sure that some people who are reading this are familiar with that, they go to a platform or they look on the Search Engines to look for good ways to make money.

They see these kinds of ads and sites pop up, and yes, some people write good critics about it, why that is, you will see later in this post.

Now my point is clear, you see these kinds of PTC sites popping up, and you think, oh, make so much every month, that seems good!

And then you join, and you see it is slow, but hey, they give you an option: invest in this, and you will so much more return.

So you invest, and what do you see and notice?

You don’t make money at all, on some scammy sites you could actually end up losing everything!

I have spoken to some people who tried some platforms, which I’m going to discuss later, but they ended up by losing all their money and their faith in online earnings.

Which is sad, because there are good ways to earn, I will show later in which type I’m earning money and which is totally legit, and you can earn money WITHOUT INVESTING ANYTHING BUT TIME.

So this is why I did this website and these posts about them, to let you see from which ones you have to stay away.



Why you should stay away from this


Like I’ve already said, it will take a year, or even years to return the money you’ve been invested, let us say you put $100 in it, after 1-2 year you would return $120. That means $20 a year!

Would you do it?

Also, even when you won’t invest money, their payout is at a minimum of $10, which means, it would take 6 months to reach that.

$10 in 6 months? Seriously,

I have better ways to spend all my time and make better money, I can evn make that in a day, what do I say, I can even make more than that in a day with this platform!



Like I’ve mentioned, the referral system


I promised you to speak about their referral system, since that could be the best way to earn money.

But what seems, even that is a waste!

In some platforms, like Neobux, which I previous wrote about, pay even better commissions than this one.

You know how much you can get? 5% of the ad earnings of your referrals, and of your referrals upgrades and ad purchases.

As you see, you won’t get rich by it, many people got stuck at $40 a year, and that was with many referrals, and wasting lots of time on this platform, which, seriously, I wouldn’t do again, because when I see it like now afterwards, I spent so much time, and for what? I earned $25 in a year.

That made me think what I was doing, and I kept looking for other sites, which I will more posts about them later on.

Also, those where not so good as you could think they are.

So, if it belongs to me, those sites would be long gone, big time.

I have an alternative for you!



After I lost faith in everything of PTC sites, and even online money making, I accidentally stumbled into this platform:

Wealthy Affiliate.

In the beginning I was very sceptical, after all the things that happened with the money and my lost in them.

But I decided to give it a try, and what happened?

It is real, you earn money!

I have $66 a day now, after 6 months of doing this, which is awesome!

But it didn’t come by ease, it took me like I said, 6 months, to have my first earnings, but I made it.

It is also 100% free!

If you want to look at it, click here, and you won’t be disappointed, instead, you will have the best platform ever, and you will earn not pennies, but whole waves of cash!

If you don’t do it, you will miss a lot of money, and in the end, nothing changed, except you are still looking for a good alternative, but here you have it already!






We don’t say paidverts is a scam, but the amount of money you can earn with it is peanuts compared to what you can earn with another platform, which i’ve written a review about, you can find it here.

The fact is that the same with Neobux is that they let you earn pennies, maybe $20 a year, is that much?

Even a student can’t live with that, and then you have to imagine the time you spend in it, is it worth to you?

You want to spend all the day watching ads, and playing useless games, just in the hope of having a dollar?

I didn’t think so, instead, look to my recommendation and earn real cash, it is free, and super easy, and if there are questions about it, you can always ask me, and I will guide you, to make you a good affiliate marketer, and you will see your money jump in your wallet!


No more worries, and having a good life, that is why you searched this post, right?

Let me help you, and you won’t be sorry!




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