Webtalk – Is it fake or real?

In this post we are going to review Webtalk and see what it is and if is a scam, or it really good.

In the online world there are many platforms or sites which are a big scam, and only a few ones are really good.

What is this?

Webtalk is a Social Platform, which means, Social Media, and what they want to achieve is becoming the new Facebook.

If you look to it, the feed looks exactly like Facebook.

But there is a difference, a major one.

Which difference?

Let me say a thing, or let me ask you a question.

You are here on this site because you want to earn online money and you’re looking for a bit of help, right?

How awesome would it be to earn money by a social media platform?

Facebook, Instagram and others won’t give you a penny, even when you have so many friends.

Webtalk does! They give you (currently because it is in the Beta Phase), 50% revenue when you bring referrals into the platform.

Yes, 50%!

Now I think you’re curious, so let me say already if it is false or not

Webtalk isn’t a scam, I can already tell you.

The fact is that there are already more than 1 million users, and this will keep on rising, since like I’ve mentioned, every referral you bring, earns you revenue.

Can I join this like I can join any other Social media?

The answer is no, you need to be invited to join, this is a way to prove it is legit, and to keep scammers out.

As you’ve already seen, Facebook and other ones have to deal with a lot of scams, you just have to typ in: Earn money, and you will have a lot of results and people who are claiming they get so much every day, and you can earn the same overnight.

These kinds of scams Webtalk wants to prevent.

You didn’t hear about this before?

Don’t worry, it is a new upcoming Social Media Platform, and I think it can outgun the rest because you can earn money with it and the feed is the same as other social medias.

I hear about it recently, and somebody I knew invited me, and oh boy, it looks so similar to Facebook, but like I said, the only difference is that you can earn money.

How it works

I showed it a bit on the simple way, I will explain you now in the complex way.

As I told you, it is still in the Beta Phase, but, as soon as the Beta is over, you can earn 10% commission per referral you have there.

How do you get that money, well let us be clear, they need to get that money from somewhere.

They get it by ads, promotional campaigns, you can also become a premium member, I will talk later about that, since you need to pay for that, however I suggest you wait until you reached the limit of referrals for the free membership, they also have a marketplace and job service.

Now, with everything you referrals do there, and earn money like advertising or something else, you gain 10% percent of that commission.

They have an event now that if you become a user, you get 50% commission per referral you send to there! And this all your life long!

They also have another event, the 1st Million users who completed different tasks, such as:

– Inviting more than 100 people

– You have to upload an avatar

– Complete your profile (100%)

– Make 1 public news feed a month

– 1 of your referrals has to become a Pro Member.

If you succeed in it, you earn 50% commission as well, life long!

This is the difference between this platform and other ones.

As long the Beta is rolling, the Pro versions aren’t available yet, however I can give some benefits of it:

– 1 GB file storage and sharing

– You can see who viewed your profile (wow, major advantage)

– You can search by age range

– Search by gender

– Private messages to non-connections

– Professional advanced search filters

I’m pretty sure more will come, but these are the ones which they announced.

When more is known, I will update this post.

I see it is still in Beta, why should I join already?

Indeed, it still is, however, they already will give you a huge advantage/promotion, which I’ve said before, and that is the 50% commission revenue, for a lifetime!

So I wouldn’t hesitate, and go for it, more and more people will join it, and the more people will join because of you, the more money you will earn!

Because after the Beta, they will work with Tiers.


Yes, they will have 5 different ones, starting from 1 to 5.

Every tier brings 10% of extra commission rate with it, so at 5 it is 50%.

But as you saw, with the Beta version, if you join now and meet the requirements, you can already have that 50%, and for a lifetime!

This is why I’m telling you to act now, and join, before it is over and you’re stuck at Tier 1!

Now there is only one question left:

Who is the owner/creator of this platform?

This platform has been created by RJ Garbowicz, below you find a video of him explaining everything about it.

I see people who claims it is a scam

I saw it too, and yet you have people who are saying it, the reason is because Webtalk is alredy a few years in Beta, but remember, building something like this takes a lot of time and effort, and as I see, they’re close to end it, and they already have more than 1 million users, to such a scam it won’t be, right?


Yesterday it announced that it is at position 33,000 of the Alexa ranking, which means it is one of the top websites, and it will continue to grow.

Ending conclusion

Webtalk is proven not to be a scam, however, they’re already a few years in Beta Phase, and I think already a lot of people are impatienced to have it finished.

If I was you, I would join right away, you can join by clicking here.

You will get all the Tier-5 advantages, which means 50% commissions, which else you would have 10%.

I think soon the Beta is over, and then the money can come to roll in, just be sure you invite a lot of people, because the ratio is like 1/12 to join.

A Social Media platform which gives you money, sounds too good to be true?

No, this will give you money, and it will be soon!

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