Why it is better not to use PTC sites – read it here

You have already heard about it, PTC sites.

Now we are going to discuss why it is better not to use PTC sites.

You think probably like: Why not? I can earn money by this, no?

Yes in theory you can, but practical, you earn pennies.

We have lots of platforms, but seriously, not any of them can give profit.

And believe me, I tried all of them and you know how much I had? 20 bucks after 5 months.

But I read that PTC sites can earn good?

That is even a biggest joke, if you will read my earlier posts about neobux and paidverts, you know they only do that for the referral system.

So literally, you bring money in for them, and they don’t have to do anything!

Doesn’t that sound good, doing nothing and get money?

Well actually, it is lying to people about this fact.

Now, why do I say it doesn’t work and to stay away from it? I will give you some reasons.

The reasons to stay away from it

– To begin, it is the obvious thing about wasting time on a platform which barely gives you a penny.

You want to stay watching ads all the day for 0.006$? I didn’t think so.

If you want to do it, be my guest, but believe me, after 2 days you are tired of it because all the time you have spent on it is for nothing.

– The privacy. You are watching ads, which means that even if you don’t want, or even didn’t accept anything, companies know a lot of things about you. Now you can say your privacy is holy, but basically you threw it away from the beginning, when you started to watch the ads AND agreed on the agreements. Always read the little letters, many people are blinded by the amount they can earn (which they will never reach of course), that they fall in this trap!

– There are just better platforms than this, but don’t expect that any of them can make you rich overnight, if you see an ad or somebody is promoting it, for example, by Facebook, please don’t believe it, it is the same referral stuff as I’ve explained to you.

– I see a lot of desperate people out there, who wants money to pay their bills or they want a new car or just wanna get rich.

Let me tell you, there is nothing that exist like that: Earn 2000 bucks tomorrow with spending 20 minutes a day, or people who claims to have a video of them saying they earn so much. How do you know what they know is true?

Actually, I have a very good example of that:

A few weeks ago I saw a post passing by in my timeline of Facebook, somebody was promoting that he was earning $4000 a week and he needed somebody to help him, they simply needed to comment info. I saw many info’s passing, and 3 days later he did it again.

But the first comment was this: Don’t do this because he is a scammer and took my money. Ok, how on earth did he drove you that far to give your credit card info and much more? If I do something like this I first check everywhere if it is right and no scam.

I also point them to somewhere, which is called Wealthy Affiliate, but at least it isn’t scam, and what does the majority do? They laugh with it because they can’t get rich overnight. Seriously, then you think, why should I help you, since you are blind for these things, and you would fall into the same trap? So I decided to make a blog and write my experiences and show them what is good.

But again, everything or everybody which claims to get rich overnight is a scam or a scammer!

I was desperate too once, but at least I was smart enough NOT to do it!

If you want to lose money, get scammed, be somebodies referral, or waste your time by earning pennies, you have to do this.

Follow those people, and you will end up like that guy.

Follow my steps, I can guide you, but you need to have patience.

But I have bills to pay!

I’m very sorry then, but you need a second job for now then, affiliate marketing, surveys, or PTC sites won’t help you in a short range. Surveys and PTC’s won’t help you at all, for affiliate marketing you need to take in account it can take between 5 to 9 months before you see results.

Let me guess, the most of you really want to try out the things they claim on the internet or on the facebook pages, right?

Be my guest, I think soon enough you will turn to me and say: you were actually right!

I have the experience and knowledge about it, if you can’t pay bills now, don’t expect you can pay them next month! At least not on those platforms.

PTC sites will offer you pennies, is that enough to pay your bills?

Think about that..

I have a better solution.

And no, it isn’t going to be like you will be millionaire in a year. Or even more than that.

But at least you will receive money that can be enough to pay your bills!

I’ve already written about this platform, you can find it here!

There is one update of this platform, and it is an awesome one!

They had a section SiteComments, if you read my post about it where I explain everything about Wealthy Affiliate, you know it.

You can put comments for other people and receive comments from them, by the way you get credits and you can use them.

Now, recently they changed it, now you can EARN MONEY by putting comments at other people posts!

Isn’t that great?

I earned $155 so far in 4 weeks, but it is because I still have a lot of things to do, still have a job, a family, a huge garden to care for.

But can you imagine if YOU do it, with a lot of free time?

You can ear hundreds a month!

Why would you even consider PTC sites? Or got scammed? You tell me!

So really people, don’t hesitate, and join it now.

I will guide you step per step, don’t be afraid to ask something to me, I will help you to make good money like me at this platform!

The ending conclusion

We have come to the ending of this post called why it is better not to use PTC sites.

As you saw it is a waste of time, you can lose money, you can get scammed.

So those are only a few of the reason why it is better to stay away from it.

You have better alternatives, such as affiliate marketing, and also with games, but I will show you that in later posts.

If you have any question, or you want me to guide you into the affiliate world, feel free to contact me, I will be happy to help you out!

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