Why people are so desperate for money – Read it here

You have already seen it on the internet and forums.

People are desperate for money, and many platforms offer them a way out.

Now in this post we will see why, and also why to avoid most of those platforms, because they know more things than you can imagine.

Why do I say this?

It is very clear and very easy to see and say it.

Look online, and type in: I want to make money, or Money making ways wanted.

You will see many sites, many platforms which claims you can earn more than $500 overnight, and of course, desperate people are easily tricked into it, because they can already dream about that money, and thinking how to pay bills and more!

But in reality, this is never true.

This is because like I’ve mentioned, and also written in earlier posts, they know you are desperate, or other people are, and they will join whatever what promises them money.

By instance, I joined a Facebook group, called Advertise your Business here or See Good Online Businesses.

What do you think you see on these kinds of platforms?

Not people who are trying to promote a legal company.

No, fake jobs, $5000 overnight stuff.

It already would put red flags on me, but hey, really you find so many people who wants to try it, and they have no idea that they are scamming them.

Then I’m thinking like: come on, it is so obvious that they try to scam you, but you don’t care or what?

And when I’m trying to promote a legit one they laugh it away because it doesn’t make money fast enough.

Serious guys, there is not ANY way of making you $5000 like now, by doing nothing!

Then I’m like, serious guys, you don’t notice how you will got scammed? Still, they think they are the smartest out htere.

But what happens a few days later?

Right, they don’t laugh anymore, they gave away credit card details or PayPal info, and they lost money.

Great money You’ve earned, right? I didn’t think so.

Then I’m the one who is with the slow money, but at least I’m earning and not losing.

And the desperate people are getting more desperate and will be scammed even more.

How to help them?

Now, I really want to help those people, by reviewing the platforms they think they can earn $5000 overnight, or even more.

Instead, it goes not so fast, it will be like $50 a month for the beginning, or even less, but it will add up steadily.

Don’t expect that you can earn up to $1500 overnight, or even $500 overnight, it simply isn’t that easy.

For the desperate people out here, I can show you some ways to make a bit of money a month, to cover your bills, I will make more posts about that!

What can bring in good money steadily

Don’t expect too much from my solution or alternative method for a few weeks, possible months, but it is a safe one.

This is called Affiliate Marketing, you promote things through your own site, by Social Media and Pinterest.

You can earn good money by it, but again, don’t expect to make $500 overnight. Not even close.

But I can guarantee that this method is 100% safe and you won’t get scammed.

The best platform for this is Wealthy Affiliate, I wrote an article about it before and you can find it here.

They have added something new, which is called SiteComments, and you can earn money easily by just putting comments at other people posts! How awesome is that!

But let’s get back to the main title of this post.

Why people are so desperate for money?

It is very simple:

– The bills

– Travels

– A car

– Something else you want

-To have a good life for your childs

-Not to worry about anything anymore

And the list is long.

So as you see, there are lots of reasons why.

I highly recommend not to go to PTC sites like Neobux because you won’t earn anything, find out why here!

Now, I’ve given you some examples why people are so desperate for money and how you can solve it, you can find my reviews and guides on my other pages of my blog, and they will help you because I tried every single one of them, so I’m in a good position to say it is good or not.

Don’t be afraid for failure, in the end you will become more experienced and you will earn more!

Now, tell me, did you have any experience like this before, like you really wanted or needed money, but it seemed impossible and you thought you might end up losing everything?

Let me know in the comment box below!

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